Enterprise developement

One of the most important factors of the contemporary process of regional development is entrepreneurship. The impact of this factor, however, varies spatially, which favors the development disproportions even between neighboring territorial systems.
Entrepreneurship can be seen in the individual form (entrepreneur’s feature), collective form (a feature of the company as a whole), as well as at the macro level. Macro entrepreneurship is particularly interesting from the point of view of the whole region or a country, as it covers  the whole economic, social, legal, political and personality  circumstances, that support  entrepreneurial attitudes.
The level of entrepreneurship of a region is an important element of its economic growth. The basis of entrepreneurship is the human capital that should be supported by appropriate education, financial resources, and the right environment (infrastructure, consultancy).
In Poland, there is a noticeable weakness of institutional factors from the point of view of competitiveness of the economy, such as low resource of social capital (level of trust ), bureaucratic barriers and  still rather unfavorable climate for entrepreneurship. Consequently, with  the failure of the state in creating positive externalities for the development of entrepreneurship, particularly important are grassroots initiatives at local and regional level , including the nature of cross-border cooperation. It is, therefore, essential that entrepreneurs receive assistance in overcoming mental and formal barriers in this regard. Activities for the development of cooperation with neighboring countries carry a lot of benefits that will be seen in the long term. This may include: penetration of new markets, access to cheap labor, access to raw materials and minerals, revival of tourism, increased trade or the development of entrepreneurship of the area.
Cross-border cooperation is essential to overcome the structural problems of the border areas associated with the distant location. The border location of the region can be and often is the cause of its underdevelopment associated with low levels of entrepreneurship development, but it can also be a conducive factor to it. It is just to highlight the good practices, duly  analyze what works wrong and what are the possibilities of improving it in the local scale.  Thisisso much, and maybe it is just enough!


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