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Nr Surname, name, fathrer’s name, name of the company   Area of cooperation Address
contact details
Brest and Brest region
1 Biełowieża Walerij Jewgieniewicz,Closed joint-stock company „Transterminal” Transportation of goods, storage of petroleum products, transshipment of oil products from rail tank to tank tracks, services for transshipment of a wide-gauge rail on narrow-gauge rail Brest region, village Małyje Szczitniki, 225035,tel. +375(162)91-81-23, +375(297)23-81-23
2 Borisow Maksim Dmitrijewicz, , limited liability company„Doriangrejgrupp” Transport of persons Brest region, border town Domaczewo,
ul. Komsomolskaja 10, pok. 9, tel. +375(295)23-39-89
3 Temczenko Siergiej Iwanowicz, individual entrepreneur  Transport of goods Brest region, village Pokry, Siewiernaja 4а street, room 3, 225040,
tel. +375(298)06-10-00
Brest and Brest region
4 Weremczuk Giennadij Aleksiejewicz, limited liability company
Delivery of electrical and technical products Brest, Pionierskaja 35 street, tel. +375(162)40-44-43,fax +375(162)44-34-44,


5 Pruczkowskij Jurij Jewgieniewicz,
individual entrepreneur
Activities in the field of trade and purchase of electrical products Brest,  Majakowskowo 20 street, room 14, 224005,
tel.  +375(297)95-31-07
6 Szwajko Zinaida Aleksandrowna,private unitary enterprise „Gaspadynia Anna” Activities in the field of trade and purchase (household items, building materials, building materials, leather goods, perfumes) Brest,  Internacyonalnaja 7/86 street(trade in the village Skoki) 224030,
tel. +375(297)24-64-41
Kamieniec and Kamieniec region
7 Baranczuk Aleksandr Wasilewicz, individual entrepreneur  Agricultural machinery, rigging and assembly accessories Kamieniec region,
village Panikwy, Gorkowo 24 street, 225084,
tel. +375(295)27-66-46
8 Gaponienko Fiedor Fiedorowicz, individual entrepreneur Metal doors, furniture parts delivery, new designs of doors Kamieniec, Brestskaja 83 street, room 9, 225051,
tel. +375(336)06-53-89, +375(298)20-17-23
9 Demianczuk Aleksandr Konstantinowicz, individual entrepreneur  Computer equipment, repair, supply of mounting accessories Kamieniec, Pogranicznaja 6 street, 225051,
tel. +375(295)24-43-97
10 Tabolczik Wiera Wasiljewna,individual entrepreneur Retail trade (food products, industrial products, household chemicals) Kamieniec region, village Pogranicznaja, W. Korżenko 11/1 street,
tel. +375(297)23-30-84
Małoryta and Małoryta region
11 Korobiejko Wasilij Aleksiejewicz, individual entrepreneur  Tools trade (welder, supply of equipment for car wash, internal combustion and electric equipment, supply of rippers,
motoblocks, KARCHER high pressure washers
Małoryta, Szkolnaja 15 street, room 12, 225903,
tel. +375(333)03-58-48 


12 Szumilin Igor Giennadiewicz, private unitary enterprise„Grafik”,

Registration No.


Retail of household, office, electrical appliances, repair, printer repair, etc.. Małoryta,  Sowietskaja 85/1 street, 225903,tel. +375(296)40-83-13
Prużany i Prużany region
13 Kozieł Giennadij Pawlowicz,individual entrepreneur Production of innovative ecological biotechnology for insect control Prużany,
tel. +375(295)23-36-10,fax. +375(1632)72-8-70
Brest and Brest region
14 Mazałow Władimir Iwanowicz, president,Company with additional liability „Brest Peripheral Support Center for Small Business” Centre for Entrepreneurship Support (mutual services in business organization, educational services, offers for opening business) Brest, Sowietskaja 46street, room 38,
tel. +375(162)23-77-25,
fax. +375(162)23-31-13,e-mail:, Internet website:


15 Mankowskaja TatjanaNikołajewna, private unitary enterprise

„Drim Trewel”

Trade, sale, rental, services Brest,  Sowietskaja 112 street, 224030,
tel. +375(298)23-02-30 
16 Juchnowicz Tatjana Leonidowna, menager , private unitary enterprise„Hi-Fi” All kinds of hairdressing, manicure, pedicure, hair removal, hairdressing art competitions Brest, Oktiabrskoj rewolucii, 1 street, room 2, 224011,
tel. +375(292)23-36-59
17 Trofimienko Dmitrij Michajłowicz, private unitary enterprise„Swoi reszenia” Internet company, paintball, camping, rope courses, camping, jeep safaris, expeditions, active recreation, rafting, gifts advert gadgets Brest, ul. Mopra, 6/2 street, room 32, 224030,
tel. +375(296)25-28-86
18 Kowalczuk Iwan
Semienowicz, manager, limited liability company „Krok”
Rent, premises rental, investments, projects in the construction sector Brest, Komsomolskaja 8 street, tel. +375(162)21-95-12,fax. +375(162)21-97-17,