On the 25th of  June 2014 in  Higher State School of Pope John Paul II in Biala Podlaska was organized an international scientific conference „Development of entrepreneurship in cross-border areas.” The conference was organized under the Project BIZNESTRANS – „Cross-border platform for promoting cooperation between business and research institutions in the direction of better links” financed by the European Union under the Programme Poland -Belarus- Ukraine 2007-2013.
The conference was organized by the Department of Environmental Sciences of Higher State School in Biala Podlaska. The initiator and main organizer of the conference was Mrs. Katarzyna Świerczewska-Pietras, the Manager of BIZNESTRANS Project .

The aim of the conference was to exchange experiences and views of scientific issues related to economic activity and identify trends and opportunities for entrepreneurship development in cross-border areas.

The meetingof the Conferencewas chaired by Mrs. prof. dr hab. Halina Kałuża from the University of Natural Sciences and Humanities in Siedlce and prof. dr hab. Maciej Jędrusik from the University of Warsaw. The conference attracted a lot of interest. The conference was attended by representatives of many academic circles from Poland and abroad, representatives of research institutes and local government units.

During the meeting presentations were delivered with a very broad spectrum, where speakers were academics:

Świerczewska-Pietras K.

Development of entrepreneurship in cross- border areas – Biznestrans project.
Weiner M., Niemczuk K.

The potential threat of Q fever and brucellosis in humans and animals as a result of  the international trade union.

Jaros H.

The social and economic aspect of functioning of protected areas in a municipality.
Siluk T.

Aspects of the development of the Belarusian border areas. 


Siedlecka A.

The quality of rural households life in border areas on the example of Hanna.

Gugała M., Zarzecka K., Sikorska A.

The role of local governments in raising funds for selected projects in environmental protection on the example of Kozienice.

Zbucki Ł.

Development of cross-border cooperation –,, Bike trail – in the footsteps of the Bug River secrets ” project .

Topics addressed in the speeches of the speakers showed how wide and interesting issue is the development of entrepreneurship in cross-border areas.

The conference ended with a substantive discussion, the summary was made by Professor. dr hab. Maciej Jędrusik and prof. dr. hab. Halina Kałuża. Dr. Katarzyna Świerczewska – Pietras on her behalf and the organizing committee of the conference thanked all the guests for the irparticipation. At the same time she stated that the conference was not only an important scientific event, but also an important to ol for the dissemination of knowledge on entrepreneurship development in cross-border are as and expressed the belief that the presented results of the research will be continued in the future.
The conference was also noticed in the local media. Involvement of the media allowed to reach a wider audience.