BPIG Business Award – Competition
Chamber of Commerce in Biała Podlaska, the Mayor and the Statorsta of Biala Podlaska under the honorary patronage of the Marshal of Lublin
invite to participate in the competition
BPIG Business Award
in categories:
• Successful start
• Innovative company
• Leader of entrepreneurship
• The entrepreneur of the year.
The competition may enter any company, without the diversification of the legal form and number of employees but fulfilling the following conditions
• is registered in the impact of Biała Poldaska Chamber of Commerce, or the eight districts of the province of Lublin, Mazowieckie and Podlaskie: two Biała Podlaska (land and urban), Radzyń, Parczew, Włodawa, Łosice, Łuków and Siemiatycze or is a member of BPIG,
• is established for not less than three years, with the exception of Successful start category,
• does not have arrears to the tax authorities and social security (the relevant statements)
• until May 11 will submit to the secretariat of BPIG (Biala Podlaska, ul. Warsaw 12c) filled in application form and declaration (for download at www.bpig.pl),
• agrees for the visit in the company by the members of the Chapter.
Additional information: tel. 83 342-46-68.


+ Take part in the program – gain funds to start your own business
You have an idea for starting your own business, but you lack the money? Funds for starting your own business can be gained by participating in projects under the Human Capital Operational Programme of Action 6.2., Which supports and promotes entrepreneurship and self-employment. With funding for the implementation of Action 6.2. it is possible to obtain support for the own way to success for a number of starting businesses.
Belarus imposes restrictions. Entrepreneurs from the province of Lublin will lose.
A refrigerator, washing machine and toilet bowl only once every three years. On the 10th of March in Belarus come into force new restrictions on the import of goods from abroad, including from Poland by individuals for private purposes. This is the decision of the State Customs Committee of Belarus.


Brest. Sodrużestwo – 2015 Welcome to the World’s Fair
The consulate of the Republic of Belarus in Biala Podlaska invites entrepreneurs, traders, producers to participate in the seventeenth edition of the Multi businesses International Fair „Brest. Sodrużestwo – 2015 „, on the 23-26th of April 2015 in Brest, Belarus. The fair „Brest. Sodrużestwo ” are considered to be the largest regional exhibition event in Belarus, which aims to present investment opportunities in the Brest region and unify efforts of business and government in the development of the region.


Open Days of the European Funds
We invite you to participate in the second edition of the national promotion action called „The Open Days of European Funds,” which will be held from 7 to 10th of May 2015. The coordinator of the action is Ministry of Infrastructure and Development in collaboration with the Ministry of Economy, with the involvement of most of the institutions dealing with the European Funds in Poland, and above all, you who carry out projects . Without you such an action would not be possible.