Brest State University of  A. S. Pushkin
– the largest university in Brest District, the research center and cultural life in the south -west Polesie.
The University has three research buildings, a sports complex with a swimming pool, a library, a biological museum, ethnographical  museum, geological one and the museum of  history of physical culture of  Brest District, an orangery, a winter garden, continuous flowering orchard, agricultural and biological, sports and health scientific base. There function multimedia centers in our departments.
The University  is famous for its versatility and multi-level vocational training: the ability to obtain a pre- university preparation;  to acquire  higher education in 9 disciplines „Pedagogy”, „Humanities”, „Life Science”, „Social protection”, „Communication Law”. Management of the economy. Economics and organization of production”, „Environmental Science”, „Engineering and Technology” ,”Physical Culture, Tourism and Hospitality”, „Social Nutrition. Services”; the ability to continue education at master and doctoral programs; to raise qualifications and the ability of post-graduate education at the Institute of Raising Qualifications and Training.
In the structure of the University operates 11 faculties of: philology, psychology and pedagogy, sociology and education, foreign languages, physical education, geography, biology, physics and mathematics, history, law, the faculty of pre- university preparation. A separate part of the University is the College of Pinsk .
At the University there are about 9000 students on full-time and part- time courses. In  49 departments of the University work 539 teachers on full-time, among which there are 19 doctors with post-doctoral degree, 21 professors, 222 PhD students, 203 Readers.
19 students who obtained high scores in science, sports, creative action or the social life of the University, are registered scholarship holders (Special Funds scholarships of the President of the Republic of Belarus to support gifted students socially, scholarships of Brest Regional Executive Committee, scholarships of the District of the Central Committee, the primary university organization of the Belarusian Trade Union of Workers in Education and Science).
Scientific activity
High recognition both in the Republic of Belarus and abroad have research teams of the University: philological team (led by prof. Z.P.Mielnikowa) , physical  team (led by Professors W.A. Pletjuchow, A.F. Rewinskow), educational team (led by Professors A.N. Sender, M.P. Osipowoj). These and other teams of  authors are known for their research on various themes of science, modern fields of training and education. They prepare and publish sets of learning tools for students and pupils (programs, textbooks, teaching aids, et al.).
The University appreciates the educational legacy left by the first professors – Vladimir Kolesnik and Stepan Kondrat: there are held scientific conferences under their names, there also operates Educational  Centre of W. Kolesnik.
The university has conducted basic and applied research in the field of 40 thematic areas. Scientific processes are implemented through the programs of the Foundation for Fundamental Research of the Republic of Belarus and the programs of the State Committee for Science and Technology and the Ministry of Science and others.
In the research work students are actively involved. Every year in the conference proceedings, collections and  magazines are published more than 1,800 works of students; Every year more than 50 works take part in the national competition of students’ scientific works and the authors of every third work turn out to be winners. The university has more than 130 student groups and research circles, 9 student research laboratories, which educates over 800 students and graduate students. Every year, the University hosts more than 140 scientific conferences, including students conferences  at the international and  national level,  at the Inter – university, interdepartmental and departmental  level.
The university has a publisher  with a print shop which allows the issuance of textbooks, teaching aids, monographs, collections of scientific works of teachers and students. There are issued magazines on regular basis such as: a scientific and theoretical journal „ВестникБрестскогоуниверситета” / „Bulletin of the Brest University”, a collection of scientific papers „УченыезапискиБрГУимениА.С.Пушкина” / „Scientific Notes of Brest State University of A. S. Pushkin”, the newspaper „Берасцейскi ўнiверсiтэт”/ „University of Brest”. The library is about 800,000 copies. There operates an electronic catalog of books for libraries.
International cooperation
The University is known beyond the borders of Belarus through cooperation and exchange of teachers and students, as well as joint research projects and cultural projects. Our partners are closer and more foreign universities: University of Pedagogy in Weingarten (Germany), University of Pedagogy in Kreuzlingen (Switzerland), University of Maria Curie- Sklodowska in Lublin (Poland), Eastern State University  of Lesya Ukrainka in Lutsk (Ukraine ), Smolensk State Pedagogical University and Bryansk State University (Russian Federation), Higher  State School of Pope John Paul II in Biała  Podlaska (Poland), the University of the province of Xiaogan and the Institute of Trade in Hohhot (China), Catholic University of Leuven (Belgium), University of Budapest (Hungary) and others. Thanks to international cooperation, the preparation of professionals is at a higher level, students of the University have the opportunity of internships abroad.
At the university study about 500 foreigners from Turkmenistan, China, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Russia, Ukraine, the USA, Kyrgyzstan, Lithuania, Turkey and Uzbekistan. There are executed cooperation agreements with 54 foreign institutions, research organizations, foundations. The University implements international projects such as „Erasmus Mundus”, TEMPUS the projects of the International Technical Assistance and the UN Development Programme on biodiversity.
Sport and Health
The University is proud of its best athletes – the champion of the XXVIII Olympic Games in Greece – Yulia Nesterenko (athletics), and the Olympic bronze medalist – Natalia Gelach (rowing). University students participated in the XXIV International Summer University Olympics  in 2007 in Thailand (awards won by Julia Leontiuk (second place – shot put) , Alexander Kazulka (second place – hammer throw). Five representatives of the University took part in the XXIX Summer Olympic Games in Beijing. In 2009, D. Doroszuk was the bronze medalist of the World Championships in Sport Acrobatics, E. Kopec ( both – Faculty of Physical Education ) took third place in the European indoor Championships in Athletics in 2013.
The school meets all the necessary conditions to maintain and improve the health of students: there is a branch of health care organization, a sports complex with four halls and a swimming pool, there are over 20 sports and health sections, „School of young arbitrator in football, „tourist club” Берестье” / „Bereşti”. Basketball team БрГУ – ЦОР „Виктория” / „Viktoria”  is co-founded by the University.
Good traditions may include organizing competitions at the international level, in honor of the university teachers: Open Championships in Athletics with a cup of a deserved coach of the ZSSR E.M. Szukiewicz, International Acrobatics Championships under the name of the deserved coach of the USSR W.N. Korkin, the memory Cup of the deserved ZSSR handball coach A.P. Mieszkow.
Educational work
Education at Brest State University  of A. S. Pushkin is based on the core ideas and values of the ideology of the Belarusian state, as a system of views consistent with the objectives and characteristics of the Belarusian social and economic development.
Specified direction of the system of educational work at the University is civic and patriotic education; moral and aesthetic education; education of ecological culture, safety culture and creating a healthy lifestyle, education for work and profession; fostering  culture of self-knowledge and identity formation; education of social gender and social education for family life, social, pedagogical and psychological support.
University students are actively involved in various  projects such as: social and political, cultural, sports and health at the municipal, regional and national level.
At the University particular attention is paid to maintain and enhance the tradition. To this end, the University organizes a vast number of different types of projects related to the tradition: the solemn „ruler” of first year students, Inauguration; Day of the University; a competition entitled „Believe in yourself !” (the title of „Student of the year” ); volunteers rally; student creativity festival „Student Spring”; Tourist rally; sports “ruler”; student bands rally; open competition for readers; „word master” the art of oratory contest, a celebration for graduates „Last call” and others.
The University has about 20 clubs and art ensembles : the People’s Chamber Choir „Gaudeamus” (Director –N.I. Trofimuk), People’s Studio Theatre (Director – P.D. Biekisz), the People’s Vocal Ensemble „Новаяземля” / „New Earth” (Director – L.I. Badger), Singing entertainer studio „Ступени ” / „Levels”; men’s vocal group „Мроя” / „Mroya”; accordion duet „Экспрессия” / „Expression”, and many other creative teams. The  League of  Merry and clever Club has a long history (Director – B.L. Szkabaro).
Within 60 years of its history, Brest State University of A. S. Pushkin, was rightly named the center of education and scientific and cultural life of the region.
Department of Theoretical and Applied Economics is one of the structural units of the educational establishment which is Brest State University of A. S. Pushkin, ensuring the implementation of research  as well as educational and methodological activities on 24 approved courses in all faculties of the University.
The main functions of the Department:
– carrying out comprehensive work in the field of training, methodology, education and research work;
– using  effective forms, methods and means of training and education of students , developing in them the necessary professional qualities, skills and habits;
– developing scientific and curricular documentation and teaching methodology according to the subject;
– organization of scientific, methodological and substantive support to the education process, the preparation of scientific publications, development and implementation of educational and methodical teams on different subjects;
– organization of scientific and research work of students, traineeship in a manufacturing plant;
– conducting research in the direction of the major problems corresponding to the profile of the Department.
Employees of the Department participate in important research projects at national and international level: under contract with the Institute of Economics of the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Belarus, the department conducted research work entitled „Development Strategy of the District of Brest on the principle of social orientation, sustainability and innovation”. The department also initiated research work: „Theoretical and methodological basis of anti-crisis management of the real economy sector”. In 2010, there was conducted a research project entitled „Exploring paths to optimize the economic process within direct and simplified procedures”. In the years 2010-2013 there was carried out research to the project entitled „Development of the theoretical basis of the concept of economic security of the state and the methodology of its implementation in the framework of economic practice”. All projects were completed and implemented in the form of final reports, articles, published monographs, acts on the implementation of research results to the process of education and practical action of  principals. From the 1st  December 2013 the University started with its partner- Higher State School of Pope John Paul II in Biała Podlaska (Poland) – project entitled “Creating cross-border platform BIZNESTRANS promoting and supporting cooperation between business and academic institutions in the direction of further links”.
Research conducted by the Department of Theoretical and Applied Economics is characterized by a variety of themes (economic development strategies of the Brest District,  Iwanicki’s region economy, company logistics, mediation in business operations, cross-border cooperation, economic security of the country and the company, transport logistics, and others) and different levels of research and application of their results (micro – , meso – and macro levels). Scientific research conducted by the department is relevant, practical and social, which confirms 12 acts about the implementation of business entities and educational activities  to  the practical activity.
At present in the department are performed one PhD and one MA dissertation.
Over the past five years the department has organized and conducted a series of scientific conferences at the international and national level:
– International Scientific and Practical Conference „Development of applied economic research based on institutional theory and methodology”;
– National Scientific and Practical Conference of students, master’s degree holders and Doctors “Development of applied research in law and economy based on institutional theory”;
– International Scientific and Practical Conference „Institutionalization: theory, methodology, applied aspects”;
– National Scientific and Practical Conference of students, master’s degree holders and Doctors – „Integration processes in the law and the economy of the Republic of Belarus and European Union”;
– International Scientific and Practical Conference „Institutionalization: theory, methodology, applied aspects”;
– National  Scientific and Practical Conference of students, master’s degree holders and Doctors “The problems of functioning market economy and economic crime”;
– National  Scientific and Practical Conference of students, master’s degree holders and Doctors „Current problems of law and the economy.”
International cooperation.
Department cooperates with Higher School of Finance and Management (Siedlce , Poland), Higher State School of Pope John Paul II in Biała Podlaska (Poland), University of Natural Sciences and Humanities (Siedlce, Poland), Russian State Social University (Moscow, Russia).
Within the framework of international cooperation agreements there is an exchange of visits, teachers participate in international scientific and practical conferences organized in Poland, Russia, Ukraine. In scientific publishers of partner universities are published mutual results of research conducted by teachers of the department, and in scientific journals of the Belarusian State University of  A. S. Pushkin– the research results of foreign partners. Students from Poland (Siedlce and Wroclaw) participate in students conferences organized by the department.
Over the past five years, the teachers of the department have released seven monographs,
8 collections of conference materials, 16 collections of scientific and methodological and scientific aids. In foreign scientific journals have been published more than 20 articles, and over 100 in national publications. Among them, there are 15 articles in publications included in the list of ВАК / Highest Qualification Commission and 18 articles in the collection of scientific works.