Higher State School of  Pope John Paul II in Biała Podlaska
Higher State School of Pope John Paul II in Biała Podlaska is a public school of higher education established under the Council of Ministers Regulation  of 18 July 2000 on the establishment of Higher State Vocational School in Biała Podlaska  (Journal of Laws No. 61, item. 705, as amended) and the  Council of Ministers Regulation of 29 September 2009 on the amendment of the names of some of public vocational schools (Journal of Laws No. 162, item. 1289) .
Fields of study
In the academic year 2015/2016 University educates on  5 engineering course: construction, special management, computer science,mechanical engineering, agriculture; 13 undergraduate courses: national security, economics, finance and accounting, physiotherapy, English philology, Russian philology, pedagogy, nursing, medical emergency, sociology, tourism and recreation, management, public health; on 5master’s courses: national security, economics, nursing, tourism and recreation, public health, and since the academic year 2016/2017 onphysiotherapy (master studies). The University educates nearly 3,500 students mainly from the surrounding region, but also from Belarus,Ukraine and other countries.
The School also seeks to obtain the right to confer doctoral degrees and to increase the number of undergraduate  courses and the number of master’s degree courses. There has been appointed Association of the Higher Sate School Alumni  in order to improve the tracking of graduates in the labor market.
Research and teaching facilities
Higher Sate School authorities in their actions put great emphasis on the development of researchand scientificstaff  and research and scientific activity by establishing  Computing Center, Research Centre and Network Centre to exchange information with other units, as well as on the development of their own scientific journals and expanding cooperation with higher education and scientific – research units from EU countries : Lithuania, Latvia, Slovakia.
14- year-  Higher State School  has expanded and created from scratch new and unique education base well equipped with modern facilities to learn and study, employing about 50 professors and nearly 90 teachers with a PhD, as well as about 100 assistants, lecturers and instructors. The School represents a high potential of knowledge, skills and social competences deployed in two faculties and other academic units.
The material base of  the School are modern facilities, including inaugurated in January 2008 the main building with the area of ​​about 8 thousand  m2 of teaching base which meets the highest world standards. In 2012 the Centre for Research on Innovation was opened, which has 12 thematic laboratories. In 2012, was approved for  implementation  the project for funding under the Structural Funds seeking to form a complex of research ECO -AGRO -TECH – national laboratory and workshop on the natural environment, agriculture and food, and industrial technologies.
In 2012 Higher State School took over from the town swimming pool, set inside its the campus, for the purpose of  physical education classes. The School is  carrying out a large investment of Sports Hall with the complex of sports fields and teaching facilities for  the  subjects such as public health and tourism and recreation. In the years 2013-2014 library and reading room facilities are to be extended.
The dynamic development of Higher State School  in  Biała Podlaska and constantly developing co-operation with the local community, including civil society organizations, self- government units, institutions, entrepreneurs meant that the School  is becoming increasingly important academic center.
EU Projects
Higher Sate School also successfully implements  EU projects  such as: Information technology –  the ordered subject , Move on to practice ! , Civil engineer – a profession with a future, Education needs  professionals , Trail bike – in the footsteps of Bug river secrets.

„Research and teaching facilities of Higher State School”


„The main building of Higher State School”